Monday, August 10, 2009

The Weather Prophets - Why Does The Rain EP

As most indie fans would already know, The Weather Prophets were formed from the remains of The Loft, one of the early bands of Creation Records.This single was taken from their album Temperance Hotel, released by Elevation in 1987, where their music had mellowed a little bit. It still possessed the same elements of The Loft we grew to love, only Peter Astor had reached his song writing skills to a higher degree. For the fans of guitar pop and neo-acoustics check this out!



  1. Peter Astor is a great songwriter. I also heard The Loft's version of "Why Does The Rain" thru Nolan Micron's "Spinster's Rock" last year and I must say that I love this song very much. It was the track that got me into The Weather Prophets. Great post NOISEBOX!!! :)

  2. thanks mcdoc. i would love to hear the Loft's version (didn't know its Loft's original).

  3. Here ya go NB, as mentioned, I got this from Mr.Micron, a nice Englishman who's got me into The Loft, The Weather Prophets, Wisdom of Harry and Peter Astor (of course). ENJOY!!! :)

  4. thanx for sharing music! you're the best!


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