Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ultra Vivid Scene - Special One EP

Ultra Vivid Scene is hard to categorize, which what most bands wanted their bands to be. One good reason could be because UVS didn't jump in the early 90s Shoegaze/Madchester bandwagon. 4AD were known for their bands individuality. Take the music of another 4AD band the Pixies as an example. Their music was way far ahead of their era, some people weren't ready for it at that time and some may have never dugged it at all but who cares? As long as they make sense for people who truly understand the art they're trying to project, so be it. Well you be the judge and be the first hand experience of what I'm talking about!



  1. yeee!!! wat up, wat up...inuman na!!! c u saturday, bro. six-ish. aight!

  2. yeee! dala kami coctail drinks!