Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sad Lovers And Giants - Seven Kinds Of Sin EP

The label Midnight Music had been one of the primal force of post-punk music scene in the early eighties. The Essence, Snake Corps and of course Sad Lovers And Giants come to mind when we talk about the legendary label. I strongly suggest you go to your local CD store and get the SLG's E-Mail From Eternity, a compilation of their best works throughout their entire career. Every song on that album is a masterpiece and Seven Kinds Of Sin is no exception! I just valued vinyl over any other media that I got to have this in a not so high-tech format. Thanks to my good friend Cino for sparing me a copy, he had helped me discover lots of great new old bands. For rarities and obscurities please check out his blog at



  1. Did you know that Cherry Red just re-released EPIC GARDEN MUSIC and FEEDING THE FLAME on CD ? If not... you might just be as shocked as I was, here is the link :

  2. cool! thanks for the info slow pulse!


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