Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moscow Olympics - The Farthest City 7"

Hailed from the southeast Asia's wonder, the Philippines, home of some of the finest twee/indiepop artists that existed, Soft Pillow Kisses, Apple Orchard, Colour Contest, The Fantasy Lights, Skies Of Ember, Superminty, Dorians Of Juniper Bells, She Came To Stay and Muriel, Moscow Olympics have been making scene in the indie underground world for quite some time. This split 7" (The Morning Paper's Always Real being the other half), released by Lost Music, is the follow-up on their debut 7" Still. Although the style is completely different from the first, they have kept the good quality and image of the band as expected. Its atmospheric, its dreamy, its Chapterhouse meets Slowdive!



  1. Nice Shoegaze Song...Nice Upload!

  2. Yup, one of our great local indie bands. Galing ng Pinoy na mas napansin pa sa labas ng bansa. Wala sa local record stores ang CD's nila at naging available lang online, at sold-out pa. GREAT POST NOISEBOX!!!

  3. more shoegaze music to come spacekid (formerly known as shoegazer hehehe)

  4. mcdoc, i got both of my 7" from online too. hopefully they'll make more cut this world cd, i still haven't gotten my own copy yet.

    i think blogging is one great way of promoting talented bands from around the globe!


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