Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nautical William - Love EP

Its been a while since I last posted, hmmm days maybe. For me that's really a while considering I got used to posting almost everyday. As much as I wanted to post more often I've been very busy with cooking and bathroom renovating. Maybe I should put a blog of our home renovation in the near future, not a bad idea.

Anyway here's a treat for Madchester lovers out there. Not really sure how big they were in England but in USA they were never heard at all. I don't remember Nautical William being played in any radio stations in the early nineties. Disciples of Happy Mondays, they possessed the similar baggy beat and rhythm, the piano accompaniment and the swaggering vocals ala Shaun Ryder. Their music also has the soulful ambiance of Primal Scream. If you feel the beat of Soul Family Sensation, Airstream and 35 Summers don't let these bad boys pass on!



  1. WOW !!! FANTASTIC POST.This is brilliant single from one of my most wanted bands at the moment, i'm trying to find this single very long time and finally is here. All three songs on the single are great as i expected from this band. Now i must find their second single "Love House" .


  2. you're very welcome ricky. i got the love house single too, i'll post it later.

  3. Yeee...I have love house cd but I sold it....NGEEEE

  4. love house is posted on the Madchester rave on site. The love track seems to end abruptly, is this correct?

  5. its weird but that's how it end up on the record, not sure if its intentional or a mispress.

  6. yeee! welcome to the blog world maxine!

  7. Hi purepop. It was produced by Mr John Parish. He likes surprizes. The sudden ending is intentional.


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