Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun Boy Three - The More I See [Part 1 & 2] 12"

Terry Hall, the frontman and songwriter of The Specials, The Colourfield and this band, Fun Boy Three, not to mention his countless collaboration with fellow artists such as Bananarama, Lightning Seeds, Gorillaz etc, has made essential contributions in the 80s music. Considering those former bands were from different genres, that just showed how talented and diverse he was as a music writer. As Fun Boy Three, the rendition of Go-Go's Our Lips Are Sealed (or was it Go-Go's who covered the song?) was their chartbuster but personally I'd choose this song any day. On this particular song you could still feel the Special's ska vibe and the creepiness of the song Ghost Town to it.



  1. "Mastermind behind The Specials"? Sorry but Jerry Dammers was the Specials' mastermind. Terry Hall only wrote one song with the Specials ("Friday Night, Saturday Morning"), hardly the work of a mastermind...
    But great blog anyway.

  2. i stand corrected! thanks for the info brousse!

  3. I just read Horace Panter's book (Specials' bass player), that's why...

  4. Terry Hall co-wrote 'Our Lips Are Sealed' with Jane Weidlin of the Go-Gos, so neither band 'covered' it, so to speak, but the Go-Gos version came out first. One of the best pop songs ever written IMO.


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