Tuesday, July 28, 2009

U-Bahn X - Young Hearts Of Europe 12"

Great songs from this obscure band U-Bahn X. I assume they are Germans because of the name but I could be wrong. These synth-driven songs got the unique arrangements guaranteed to please you ears. Their music is somewhat similar to Clan Of Xymox and early Ministry. Another hidden minimal band revealed!


1. Young Hearts Of Europe (Essential Mega Mix)
2. Young Hearts Of Europe (Valkyrie Mega Mix)
3. Kiss Of Death (Punishment Mix)



  1. Hi, thanks for posting... The correct name of the band is actually "U-Bahn X".
    "U-Bahn" in Germany means subway train... :-)

  2. They were signed to EMI UK, Chris (Adolf Schmetterling)& Ilona (Heidi Von Dusselddorf)returned to Germany after they left EMI. Dick (Dirk Mephisto) stayed in the UK. Ilona went on to front Germany's M.E.L.T. (check Radioactivity on You Tube) and also the amazing Diskowalkuren(check 'Walkuren' on You Tube) Chris went into management and production and has recently surfaced as one half of the rather excelent Psychedelic Manifesto (Check 'Lysergic Sushi') Dick now manages Bats For Lashes.

  3. WOW, Greetings from South Africa Guys, Loved this Tune & never Knew who did the Track, would Love to Buy a copy on 12' Vinyl if possible???
    Dean Wolf

  4. Thank you for this upload! I've been looking for this song since 1988, the time when I got my EuroRock cassette...


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