Monday, July 20, 2009

Troy Tate - Love Is (Dance Mix) 12"

Known as the producer who got fired by The Smiths, Troy Tate has this infamous reputation to many who hardly know him. Morrissey and the gang may had this eclectic perception on how they should sound but if you try to listen to Troy's unreleased works with The Smiths you would realize how brilliant he was as a producer (I found this really informative website of Troy Tate's session with The Smiths mp3s at This 12" single contains the immortal Love Is (Dance Mix) that confirms how talented Troy Tate is as song writer and musician.



  1. i like what you're doing here. i already added your blog to my blog roll. more power & keep it up

  2. He also played with Julian Cope. Nice blog!

  3. really? was it under teardrop explodes or his solo?

  4. "For those who think they know what music is."


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