Thursday, July 9, 2009

Celebrate The Nun - Will You Be There 12"

Now I'm feeling synthpop. I may not be purist unlike many of us but I do have pure passion for good music. Killer track from the not so much celebrated band of the late eighties, Celebrate The Nun. Call them synthpopers, minimalist, technopopers, call them whatever you want but these guys make music that make sense! CTN's tunes can be compared to Enigma Records or Jon St. James produced artists, Anything Box, Red Flag and SSQ. They sounded very much like Depeche Mode too, which is no surprise considering DM as one of the blueprints of modern electronic melody makers (Cetu Javu, Secession, Camouflage and the likes).



  1. shame they turned in that dodgy act called Scooter !! Great track though.....

  2. Never knew that they're now the techno group known as Scooter. Great late 80's Synthpop with that Camouflage/Red Flag sound though...


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