Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spitfire EPs

Again, not much info about the band, where they from and how they started. But lets skip to that not so interesting stuff and talk about their music instead. I discovered their music from this phenomenal compilation Indie Top 20 (a must have compilation for all indie aficionados) which contains bands such as Midway Still, Telescopes, The Stone Roses, Revolver and etc. I would describe their sound as pure energy solid rock n' roll! Their songs contained all the right doses I need to keep me high while listening, classic wah-wah guitars, high-octane drums and vocals with the right attitude! What more could you ask for?

On pictures:

1. Wild Sunshine EP
2. Superbaby EP



  1. Thanks for putting some Spitfire on your blog , ace rock n roll band with a hint of garage.I think they did 5 or 6 eps and 2 albums, (I have on vinyl somewhere and an album on cd) The first ep was called "Dive" awesome song and the b side included a great version of the "Six Million Dollar Man Theme", I saw them a few times, mainly as support to Ride,Charlatans etc,Saw them at Sheffield once and they was going to stay at my house after the gig, but got an offer from 4 girls, That's rock and roll for you !.Thanks for sharing these tracks,I will see what I have of vinyl in shape of Spitfire, great band.

  2. wow! typical rock n' roll lifestyle!

  3. Hey ... I also them know about the mythical Indie Volumes .. A pleasure to return to hear them again ...

  4. Spitfire hailed from Crawley, West Sussex


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