Monday, July 6, 2009

Chapterhouse 12"s

If I were to describe the genre Shoegaze in one word it would be..."Chapterhouse". Although shoegaze bands have been around since the mid-eighties (JAMC, MBV, Spacemen 3, Sonic Boom and Spectrum to name a few) they never gained public acceptance not until the early nineties when the "used to be cool" radio station KROQ started playing the eponymies of shoegaze movement - Ride, Chapterhouse and Catherine Wheel. The music of Chapterhouse is too slow for Ride and too fast for Slowdive, which is just about right...just like my coffee, not too bland nor too sweet.

Feast your eyes on the Chapterhouse 12"s. The Pearl single has been signed by the entire band and my favorite Chapterhouse song too! Listening to this single is like daydreaming while floating through the atmosphere. That goes with Mesmerise as well. The song Falling Down on the Freefall EP is kind of edgy, its wah wah factor is so ecstatic, its psychedelic!

On pictures:

1. Pearl 12"
2. Mesmerise 12"
3. Freefall EP



  1. wah wah factor!! like no other, i remember the days like it was just yesterday. oh memories.
    man, pearl 12" signed by the entire band??? some rare sh** you got!!! nice post.

  2. thank you! got to find the frost single too!

  3. Lovely selections.
    You may enjoy these.


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