Sunday, July 5, 2009

Popguns - Someone You Love EP

The title track Someone You Love has this distinctive madchester-funky-beat-trademark to it. Cino and other fans of this genre would know what I'm talking about right? The closest resemblance I could think of for that particular song would be Crystal Clear by The Darling Buds. Also, the bass line solo towards the end of the song reminds me so much of Manny's famous bass intermission in The Stone Roses' immortal song I Am The Resurrection!



  1. Hi NOISEBOX. I've left a comment in your Dawn - Enveloped Ideas post. Thanks.

  2. thanks for the dawn's update. i also just granted your request, its ready for download.

  3. Howdy! I can see that you deeply get the sense of what you are speaking about here. Do you own a degree or maybe an education which is connected with the theme of the blog post? Waiting forward to hear your answer.


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