Sunday, July 19, 2009

Under Two Flags - Masks (Extended) 12"

A very obscure band from the eighties, too obscure you can't even find any decent info about the band in the internet. Well I don't really care too much about their history as much as I care about their craft. Not to be missed title track plus the extended version makes you want to beg for more! That's what I love about the eighties 12", they make extended versions and still able to preserve the essence of the songs. This 12" by the way is released in 1984 by Situation Two, a Beggar Banquet's sublabel.



  1. Thanks for dropping by...I've added a link to you at my place...

  2. thank you for the kind words! your blog is so much better than mine though...

  3. nice post - intrigued about this band now. (loved the lucy show post, btw. one of my favorite bands... )


  4. download it justin, highly recommended!

  5. Great Post!We LOVE this band! Do you also have their 'Lest we forget' 12" as well ? If not Loved to share it with you. Also thanks for the kind comment and checking out our Blog. Adding you to our Blog roll as we speak.
    -cheers ^_^

  6. ASTIG to NOISEBOX! Salamat ng marami! :)


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