Friday, July 17, 2009

Howard Devoto - Rainy Season 12"

The genius behind the early Buzzcocks and Magazine, Howard Devoto went solo flight in mid-eighties to create the undeniably one of the most brilliant album in post-punk era, The Jerky Version Of The Dream. The track Rainy Season is definitely his legacy, the song that will stand the test of time. For those of you who have little or no idea of who Howard Devoto is, you guys might want to check out the 24 Hour Party People movie where he made a cameo role as the janitor, such a great movie!



  1. Fantastic blog. Your music taste is the same of mine. Of course i am linking your NBMC on my faves.

    If you need some info about brazilians alter bands ask me\\\

  2. I love this song. Thanks for posting.

  3. just added your link on

  4. thanks snotty, i've added you as well.


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