Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wild Swans - Revolutionary Spirit EP

This is the first of the Wild Swans few but eminent 12" releases. A record released under Zoo and was produced by late Pete deFreitas of Echo And The Bunnymen. To give you a brief background about the band, Wild Swans is compose of Paul Simpson who is one of the greatest voices of post-punk. He was once with Teardrop Explodes and Care. Jeremy Kelly plays guitar who also plays guitar for the The Lotus Eaters and Gedd Quinn plays the keyboards. As a collector I'm very choosy with the artists' materials I complete and the Wild Swans is one of them. And quite lucky enough I was able to accomplish it unless there are some releases by the Wild Swans which I am not aware of. I will be posting the rest of their 12ers on the upcoming days!


  1. kala ko ba ang wild swans ay isang racing team..nakita ko kasi yung sticker nito sa white na integra (former black) with top speed of 25 mph...hehehe pano si tuma dealership nag sign ng kontrata sa brown out uuhmmm looks fishy to me...hahahaha remember uuhmmmm wer are you....i can see you!!!

  2. NB, Space Flowers and BHTA are the only records I have from them. Kung may spare kayo let me know bilhin ko or trade. Good post!

  3. pano yung britmobile ni mcdoo, sobrang liit tumatama yung ulo nya sa bubong hahaha!

  4. tk, swinerte lang ako sa mga 12 ng ws, eto nakuha ko ng $1.00 sa record expo way back early 90s...yung young manhood naman at bible dreams .99 cents lang pareho sa rasputin berkley (nang-inggit pa, hehehe)...dibale pag me natisod uli i'll let you know...


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