Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Care - Flaming Sword 12"

Since Wild Swans and Care share a common entity, Paul Simpson, the next posting will be nothing but...you've guessed it right, Care! This first post means a lot to me because during the time when there was no internet and scavenging in every record stores that existed in California is the only way of getting rare 12"s (RandyB and Cino knows what I'm talking about), I used to settle for the Lightning Seeds' Sense 12" flip side that has the rearranged version of Flaming Sword. Then in 1997 the CD Diamonds And Emeralds was released. It contains all songs ever written by Simpson-Broudie, at least to my knowledge. It also includes the song Chandelier, which were shamelessly ripped off by the band Orange and Lemons years after it was released.



The Haywains - Bobbie Gentry's Tears (7" 4-Track EP, 2015 Dufflecoat Records)

Got this along with other bunch of records from a small indie store in Seattle. Quite honestly I fell in love with the cover art when I firs...