Thursday, August 2, 2012

Underlings - Centurion EP

We were in San Diego last saturday visiting some relatives so I decided to stop by at Lou's Records, probably the last remaining independent record store in San Diego. That place never ceased to amaze me everytime I visit, one thing I'll always remember is the time I got my copy of Wallflowers Thank You twelvers for less than 3 bucks! That weekend was no exemption, I found this gem in the 99 cents bin. The cover looks odd that made me curious so I checked the record label and its from Midnight Music, label that has a good track record in my book. Releases from artists such as The Essence, Sad Lovers and Giants and Snake Corps you just can't go wrong with the label. So I played it right after we got home and all I can say is they've proven the label's consistency of releasing exceptionally good post-punk music.

The Haywains - Bobbie Gentry's Tears (7" 4-Track EP, 2015 Dufflecoat Records)

Got this along with other bunch of records from a small indie store in Seattle. Quite honestly I fell in love with the cover art when I firs...