Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Delta - Gun 7"

Neo-Psychedelic, heavily influenced by the sixties is what this band is about. Sorry no info about this group whatsover, the last time I googled Delta the electronic German band came out on the search result. Released by Dishy record in 1994, most likely this is just a low budget, mom-and-pop label from Bristol. The vocal is rather eclectic because of the effect of some sort while the guitar is transcendental. If you love sixties guitar riffs like Oasis or Spitfire then this record is definitely for you!



  1. hmmmm....rock n roll ba 'to or shake rattle and roll..hehehe nakakatakot kahit yung bata sa cover natakot din...parang may leon na umuungol..hehehe

  2. hahaha, pareho...di nga bagay yung ungol ng leon, pero yung riff tsaka chord progression parang oasis...yung bata ata nilapa ng leon kaya naging kalansay hahaha!

  3. yeee maganda riff and yung konting nga lang may leon...takot ako!!

  4. Congratulations on your blog is full of great songs.

    I have long been looking fo a band playing this song. Do you know which group is it?. I think it must be the year 1987/1988.

    Thank you for your help.

  5. Hey mate,

    My all-time favorite band is The Stone Roses. I have everything they have released bar a couple of items. I would love to ask you a couple of questions about your Remixes 12". You can email me at, I'd love to know more about some of your Roses meterial!


  6. thanks for the compliment amante. unfortunately i dont know that song. its first time i've heard of it. sorry.

  7. hi rb, you can ask me about stone roses remix here.


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