Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moose - Jack EP

With several effects at their disposal to morph their guitar sounds, no wonder Moose belong to the league of shoegazers. They literally have to keep staring at the ground to switch their pedals from one effect to another! Moose have captured the essence of what The Jesus And Mary Chain have been accomplishing in all their existence, making beautiful noise. They have defied all laws and standards of making the so-called "good music". For Moose, occasional out of tunes is not a taboo, feedbacks can be deliberate and instruments can be the foreground.



  1. do you by any chance happen to have Bang Bang, Baby It's Over, …ZYX, Honey Bee, HighBall Me! ??? that's what I'm missing to complete the Moose collection...

  2. now I'm only missing Bang Bang and Baby It's Over... Do you have those?


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