Monday, March 8, 2010

Lilys - February 14 7"

Who says American band can't be as good shoegaze band as the British, well not in this particular case! Based in Washington DC, this all-distortion, all-melody band will give you enough reason to love this not so popular genre. They remind me so much of My Bloody Valentine, a band they were heavily influenced with. Released by Slumberland, this long deleted 7" is available for download at your own discretion.



  1. i agree nb, i'm wid u on this one...a place to bury strangers, ceremony, the pains of being pure at heart(my current fave), ringo deathstarr(sounds soo much like the jamc) are just a few emerging american shoegaze acts!!

  2. cino, call me dun sa business proposal. kelangan ng solid plan bago ko sya kausapin.


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