Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fantastic Something - The Night We Flew Out The Window EP

My one of the sought after EPs finally in my hands! Randybazooka was the first to have this and ever since I've heard of it I've been dying to get my own copy. I also found this on one of the Japanese indie collector's website along with Bluetrain's Land Of Gold (my next target, lucky Cino has one), The Tempest, early The Farm, etc. I wonder what happened to that website though. Its indiepop like you've never heard before. It has the jazzy feel blended with soft voice and clean guitar. If you see one like this don't let it slip away, I almost did. Not because I didn't buy it but because the seller from this auction site turned into a non-registered user even before he shipped the item! I was able to get it after weeks, (or was it months) of waiting though, whew!



  1. Thanks for the upload!! Great music. Excellent blog :)
    Fantastic something are actually twin brothers from Greece. Although i 'm greek, i didn't have this one.

    Keep uploading great stuff!!

  2. dude, magaling pala ito medyo jazzy na may samba mix. sayang nakita ko to sa amoeba three weeks ago. pucha naman oh.
    nb mamya brmc sa amoeba 6 pm!!!

  3. thanks chris! i've seen this record in gemm but in 7" format and its quite costy.

  4. Waaahh!! Inggit ako. Thanks for posting this NV. Cino, unahan tayo sa amoeba mamaya.. hehehe

  5. baka binili na ng BRMC yun kaya nag-cancel ng show hahaha!



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