Saturday, March 6, 2010

VA - "Happy Sunday" A Sunday Records Anniversary Single 10"

As promised, I bring you the Sunday Records compilation entitled Happy Sunday - A Sunday Records Anniversary Single. This 21st released 10" flexi by the record label is quite rare because of its very limited numbered release as seen on the upper right corner of the sleeve. Five fantastic indiepop artist for sure indiepop kids from around the world would love. They Go BOOM!! is my personal favorite. Here are the tracks of the single or mini-LP whichever you may want to call it.

1. PO! - Joybang!
2. They Go BOOM!! - River Island
3. The Pristines - She's Not My Friend
4. Bulldozer Crash - Fay
5. Mrs Kipling - Take Me Back To Heaven



  1. di ko ma download.... putres namaaannn!!!! mamaya uli

  2. pare ko!!!! nakausap ko si paul s ng this final frame!! hataw ang bagong cd maganda ang mga kanta nag order ako ng bagong cd at sabi nya may free cd comp pa sa akin!!! eto wbsite na!! check mo pic nila ni paul simpson!!

  3. pano mo naka-usap? sa phone? magaling talaga pag liverpudlians...pano yung pacman, next week na!


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