Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peter Murphy

Fronted the late seventies/early eighties darkwave Bauhaus, this charismatic vocalist whose antics are often compared to David Bowie's, has been providing us with sensible gothic tunes for decades. He has been successful as a solo artist as he has with Bauhaus, a band that has been disintegrated in the mid-eighties and later reformed as Love And Rockets by guitarist Daniel Ash and bassist David J - who later joined The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy before going solo. Peter Murphy's career continued to soar until the early nineties and this two songs are so far his best, atleast in my own taste, as a solo artist.

On pictures:

1. Blind Sublime (Dance Remix)
2. Final Solution (Third & Final Mix)



  1. Excelent!
    Good and selected music!


  2. thank you! i'll be posting more of this genre soon!


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