Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bodines

This band is another addition to Ian Broudie's resume of bands he produced. The Bodines were one of the first jangly-pop bands emerged from the C86 era. Their first single was released under Creation, while one of my all-time favorite indie pop album, Played, was released under Magnet. That particular album is so hard to find and if in case you do find it, I guarantee it won't be cheap. Even the japanese re-release is so hard to find and quite expensive too (it has several bonus tracks though). While I'm still in search of this treasure, let me share you my Bodines 12" collection for the meantime.

On pictures:

1. Therese
2. Slip Slide
3. Skankin Queens
4. Pop
5. Decide



  1. great site but i cant find a download link

  2. thanks! most of the older posts have download links. please check out the whole site.

  3. I have a couple of these singles, and they are amazing.

    I'm wondering how you get such good audio quality. I tried to convert some of my vinyl to digital and it was a miserable failure. Are you using something better than free-version audacity and a 10 year old record player?

    I don't have any good hipster friends, so I have to ask you instead.


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