Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ups And Downs - The Living Kind EP

You'll know a band is truly underground when you can't even find their infos in Wikipedia or Google search result for that matter. I did able to find bits from their Myspace page. These lads are from Brisbane, Australia and Aussies got their share of legit indiepop bands with Hummingbirds and The Lucksmiths to name a few. If you're a sucker for jangly pop guitar this is a definite must hear.


  1. Hi - punks from Zagreb, Croatia here! Feel free to check out our newest album and download it for free or with donation here


  2. Oh yeah ups and downs huh uuhmmm wat about ins and outs huh slow then fast yah dig hahahha

  3. hahaha...lemme know kelan alis mo padala ako plaking yeee

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