Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Picture - Naked Rain EP

Getting an i5 processor laptop was such a disappointment. There's constant hanging whenever I try to rip songs from my vinyls. Good thing my wife needed a laptop herself, now I got reason to get another one that could handle my needs. Knowing Apple will be upgrading their MacBook Pro pretty soon, I've deprived myself from recording my vinyls for months, patiently waiting for the new version to be released. Finally Apple come up with this new Retina display technology that means there would be a drastic markdown on their slightly older version of MacBook Pro. Who needs a Retina display, I'm no graphic artist. As long as its quad core i7, not only it will get the job done but I will save myself a grand! To cut the long story short, I got the non-Retina one for myself and it works like a charm.

This post brings you 20 something years back, during the time when KROQ used to be cool. Some of you might recognize the song if you were listening to 106.7fm back in the early 90s. The first time I've heard it I thought it was U2. This is one of the 90s songs that's worth remembering about.


  1. ahhh... man, that was twenty years ago?? it feels like yesterday.. blur at the roxy, chapterhouse at the whiskey, etc. good memories boo.
    one note, i got sumthin' here that also works like a charm..if you bend over i will show you!! hahaha...

  2. Naked rain hun...more like naked in the shower picking up da soap hahahah


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