Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Names - Spectators Of Life EP

Part deux of The Names series, this time released by french label Celluloid, residence of some of the notable avant-garde post-punk artists like Cabaret Voltaire, James Chance and Tuxedomoon. Their third EP, by the way, was released by Les Disques Du Crépuscule which made me see the pattern now. They've made three EPs in their three year career (from a semi-reliable source, discogs.com). It seems on every single they make they are being dropped by their labels soon after. I don't believe because they suck, I even think its the opposite, at least to a music critique's perspective. In my theory, their period of existence, 1979-1982 was the time when this particular genre was being discovered, to some still uncharted and majority weren't ready for it yet. And just like in any business if you don't bring money to the table, as Donald Trump would always say, "you're fired!"



  1. this is their absolute best in my opinion!! like the song, lucky guy!
    hey can i come to your house and bring my 9" probe to your table.

  2. Hey this ones better than the last post i like it...talk about donald trump well i gots my 10 inch donald PUMP ready to "fire" at your arse!!!hahaha!!!

  3. i would definitely need your 3" chopstick to my table, bring it on hahaha....

  4. are u sure that's donald pump and not donald duck?too small you can't see it even without his pants on hahaha...


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