Monday, May 9, 2011

Names - Calcutta EP

This will be the first part of my The Names EP trilogy. Got this from Rhino in Claremont while on our way home from our mom's where we celebrated Mother's Day. Though luck was in my hand finding these rare singles, it was just the complete opposite for the Lakers. It was the same day when the Lakers got eliminated from the play-offs. Well here are some songs to get the angelenos' by while lamenting the loss.

The first The Names EP I'm offering was released by Factory Benelux, a label distinctively known for releasing post-punks essentials namely Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance, Section 25 and Stockholm Monsters. This 3 song EP lives up to its label's name, songs that post-punk enthusiasts would undoubtedly appreciate.



  1. ahhhh lakers what!!??? u mean lost angeles lekars!
    i am still mourning my man!!!! i can't believe it happenned!!! aarrggghhh.....!

  2. i feel you man! on a brighter note we got more time to blog now hehehe

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