Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dentists - Leave Me Alive 7"

The first time I've heard of The Dentists i was just in my experimental mood. I bought their "Best Of" compilation cd from some store and I just thought they were amazing. Almost all their songs were exceptional. Years later I've stumbled on few of their 7"s and just purchased them without hesitation. On the Wikipedia it is mentioned that they were always being compared to The Claim, another Medway native posted by my friend Cino some time ago. Check out these 2 7"s and for 99 cents each you just can't go wrong!



  1. I like this track compared to the one I have its a 12 EP I got from san diego sometime ago I will post it so you can listen to it..oo nga pala tuloy ba kyo sa pinas ahhhhhh

  2. mukang bomalabs kasi patapos na din yun condo baka intayin na lang namin bago pumunta don. every year naman kayo magpipinas dba?


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