Saturday, January 15, 2011

NOIA - Try And See 12"

2010 had been a fruitful year for Noisebox music-wise, uncharted bands getting discovered, some old, some new but overall its all good. What a better way to start a new year than with a good music, this time from a genre that was never introduced in my blog - eurobeat that is. A genre disgrace for many purist, guilty pleasure for synthpopers and considered low class for elitist. While many have categorized this as a eurobeat or italo music because it was sang by an italian artist, I would consider this a crossover between new wave and synth-dance/pop music or simply synthwave. Reason being it still possess the quality of synthpop/newwave we grew to love for years, low octave vocals and not too sell out melody. This particular song by the way had been a hit for some period of time in the Philippines. Italo lovers like DJ T for sure would find this familiar to his ears. So enjoy listening while I lie down on my waterbed, or bed on water would be more appropriate as we're still recovering from weeks ago rainstorm.



  1. welcome back "h2o guy", i see you have the mold partee this time, lol. good find surely si dj yantee is dancing in joy rite now. hahaha...
    did you say fruitful??? hmmm... i got me some fruit for you boi two apples and a banana for your own personal pleasure!! like dat, huh!?

  2. hahaha! well as the title suggest, try and see...would you like to try this biggie? and see how it rips your glory hole, hahaha!


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