Saturday, July 3, 2010

James Dean Driving Experience - Sean Connery EP

What's up fellow bloggers?! Been in auto-upload mode for quite some time since I've been busy with Kilroy (my bike). Speaking of which, last night ride with Fixie buddies was one of the best ride I've ever had. It was my first time riding brakeless! Before, the idea alone is a suicidal but as soon as I have mastered the art of skip-stopping I couldn't wait to get rid off that piece of useless component - the brake! Cranking up downhill with no brakes and helmet, the pure element of danger just gives me the utmost thrill.

Now lets get back to the business. This one's from one of my most ridiculed band name of all time (I used to make fun of their name all the time). Little to my knowledge, behind that stupid name lie brilliant songs one after another. The first time I've heard of JDDE was from their demo release and I thought they sounded so much like The Brian Jonestown Massacre. On this particular EP though, I hear The Smiths. So for the fans of indiepop who aren't familiar with this band yet, prepare to be captivated!


  1. no brakes!!??? are kidding , man. delikado yan. baka naman di ka makarating sa sabado!! lol.
    great post nb.... i would like to own one more of theirs...

  2. james dean driving experience na walang brakes talgang magiging james dean driving experience ang bagsak mo nyan...put da brakes back on bro hehehe!!

  3. alin yung meron ka cino? yung flexi ata mahirap hanapin...

  4. kung tutuusin yung response time ng brakes at skip stop pareho din at pag nasa harapan mo na yung kotseng rumaragasa kahit me brakes ka tepok ka pa din hahaha!


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