Thursday, July 8, 2010

Choo Choo Train - Briar Rose EP

Rick Menck and Paul Chastain, the dynamic duo of indiepop, is like Lennon and McCartney of rock and roll or Kobe and Shack of basketball (or Kobe and Pau would be more appropriate?). Both had come a long way, from the not so famous Bag O Shell then to The Springfields (not even sure which came first) and way later on to the post 90s indiepop outfit Velvet Crush. They were known for creating 60s-influenced, melodic powerpop, kinda like what Teenage Fanclub were known for. So if you've come across any of those bands mentioned just grab em, for sure they are quality indiepop for keeps!


  1. or maybe lebron and wade...nyeee!! cool music especially 60's melodic pop its my cup of tea.

  2. ayos! side-kick sya ngayon ni wade, sya ngayon ang scottie pippen ng miami, hahaha!!!

  3. Briar rose, when will you wake up!!! NB, nice to see the 12" single of this. Thanks for sharing!

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