Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sportique - Don't Believe A Word I Say 7" [Matinée 017]

A collaboration of some of C86's legendary pop stars Gregory Webster (Razorcuts, the Carousel, Saturn V), Rob Pursey (Marine Research, Heavenly), Mark Flunder (TV Personalities, McTells), and Amelia Fletcher (Marine Research, Heavenly, Talulah Gosh), with this line-up alone how could you doubt the music of Sportique? From the label who brought you The Lucksmiths,The Windmills, Northern Portraits, Brighter and The Siddeleys, this is another Matinee's cream of the crop.



  1. like it noisey...a bit catchy, "pano yung yo" sabi ng cover..

  2. hmmm... nice post very influential gusto ko tuloy mag yoti!

  3. panalo lakers, yaz muna...glad u guys like it, watch out for my next post, one of the most sought after ng mga hapon...

  4. pano yung sought after ng mga koreano...yaba dj korean boy uuhhhmm


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