Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love 12"

Awesome track from Saint Etienne's alter ego, Cola Boy. This song were huge in UK during the early nineties. As a rule of thumb if they were never big in USA, they are not considered mainstream in my book and they can be part of my blog! It would have been a hit though, its catchy, energetic and has the acid house feel to it. This song would have ruled the american night clubs. If Republica and The Other Two have fascinated you, this is a guaranteed hit in your mp3 collection!

Link removed per rights owner request.


  1. Waaaaah!! Na missed ko yung link..

  2. sayang nga e, pinatanggal ng 4shared.

  3. pwede pasok "love is contagious" remix version ni taja sevelle

  4. malapit ko na makuha. pano yung surprise attack?


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