Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sound

One of post-punk best. If you love post-punk artists like The Chameleons UK, The Wake and Sad Lovers and Giants I highly recommend getting their albums. The band split up after releasing few albums and the lead vocal, Adrian Borland, went solo. You can find their album's re-releases at

On pictures:

1. Sense Of Purpose (What Are We Going To Do)
2. One Thousand Reasons
3. Heads And Hearts


  1. Adrian Borland committed suicide about ten years ago. I met him once as he was a friend of a friend. The Sound was a great band, shame they never got the recognition they deserved.

  2. sad to hear. his memory will forever lives though.

  3. wonderful band, after all those years they are still my favorite band, a real pity Adrian decided another way......he ll stay with us forever.


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