Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas (Extended Remix)

A highly acclaimed new wave band from the Philippines. The Dawn had their first taste of commercial success during the late eighties with the song Enveloped Ideas, which considered by many filipinos a new wave anthem. They continued their forever long career, which I think the longest any band in the Philippines could ever have, up to this day...I believe. Are they still active? Correct me if I'm wrong.



  1. Hi I've just discovered you cool blog or rarities. The Dawn is still active up to now. But this EP is out of print and rare. Could you please re-upload or post the download link? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. hi mcdoc...just uploaded your request! this was recorded straight from the vinyl, pardon for the pops and crackles!

  3. Wow, that was fast. SALAMAT!!! The Dawn has a myspace account although it hasn't been updated. Maybe you'd like to check out the rockier 20th anniversary version of Enveloped Ideas, here's the link:

    But this original extended version is what I like the best. No worries about the pops and crackles, because these make the listening experience even better as we remember how we heard it back in the day when the great vinyl ruled the '80s. :)

  4. i heard the new version, masyadong mabagal. babae ba yung kumakanta?

  5. The 20th Anniversary version of Enveloped Ideas (from 2006 album "Tulad ng Dati") has female singer Bituin Escalante doing the vocals for the intro. The Dawn also have a laid back version of this track along with some of their hits from their 2008 album "Latter Half of the Day". Nagsama din sila mga covers ng mga 80's hits.


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