Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comet Gain - Kill Rockstars 7"

Yet another indiepop band ready to be exploited. A homegrown from Washington, home of the legendary indiepop label Subpop, Comet Gain I would say is a fusion of punk and indiepop for its fast-paced yet jingly-jangly guitars appealing to jangle pop followers. Kinda harsh for a traditionalist yet subtle for experimentalist. Judge it for yourself, just have an open mind and soul for this is not your typical ear candy treat!



  1. ilabas na ang mga nu arrivals!!!! burn baby burn. what about game 5!!!! ahhhhhhh, ngee. pano yung "letab" ang lumabas sa word verification ko. hahaha...

  2. pano yung game 6, nood na jan sa inyo...ihawin na yung lomo isang linggo ng nakababad, niloLOMOt na hahaha!

  3. pano yung game 9...lakers vs cavs and boston pinagsama pa...hehehe


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